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So You Think You Could Keep Them All?

Okay, so I think Cat Deeley is getting better. Heidi and Donyelle's outfits, on the other hand... Um, what?

I still hate Mia. Hate hate hate. She's a good choreographer, because I liked the intro... but man, she's a bitch. Even Nigel had to shut her up for the girl's solos. When it came time for the guys, it was like she was shot with a happy-gun.

Donyelle's solo was the only one of all the girl's that rocked me. 'Cause it ROCKED. Ivan was a little sex-pot tonight. I still can't pick anyone to win... but I think I want Travis to win the whole damn thing.

So, who's checkin' out the tour?

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Aug. 4th, 2006 05:24 am (UTC)
Tour! I'm so there.

I love Mia. Love, love, love. So there.

And I love Heidi and Travis!!!! Ahh! They were the only two I voted for last night. I like Benji a LOT but there are enough Benjelle fans out there to do that voting for me, and honestly my heart is with Travis, and I do hope he wins. Writing this comment I feel like I sound like Mary. Oh, haaa, wow is me.

Ivan is ALWAYS a little sex pot! And he's from Seattle! *proud*
I love that boy. Forever and ever ong I love him. But I only voted for him a couple of times because, really, he's done his run with this show and he can't (right now, at least) live up to the other finalists on the show.

I'm convinced that Allison was voted off because I didn't watch last week while in Vegas. *headdesk* I loved her so much.
Aug. 4th, 2006 04:06 pm (UTC)
Haha, you can love her, and I can love to hate her. I just... I don't think she really gets the concept of being a "television judge." She lacks something that starts with a T and ends with ACT. :)

You know... I really like Donyelle, especially since the beginning where she had been told by everyone that she didn't "have the right body type" to be a dancer, but then... lookit her go be amazing? Miss Elliot doesn't exactly have the "the right body-type" but she shakes her badunkadunk and it's still hot!

I love Ivan too. He's so charming, and that routine where Mary cried... I died of the pretty. That was GORGEOUS. Unf.

I just... Travis is my favorite. I am infatuated with his jaw-line.

Aaaaand I was about to say something along the same lines for Allison? I loved her! She was like a little dance-sprite! I'd feel badly for her, but she's going places. There's no way she's not going to have a job after this show.
Aug. 4th, 2006 04:20 pm (UTC)
I think that the final 8 are all going places, really. They're all amazing. The fact that Mia said that nothing would please her more than to work woth Travis until she died just SOLIDIFIED a career for him :D

And yes, I think Allison is going pro soon (maybe when she's older), and Natalie will asap as well. I <3 all of them! Ryan is going places too - gah he's so talented.
Aug. 4th, 2006 02:12 pm (UTC)
Damnit. So who was kicked off last night? I missed it! I hate not having a TV right now.

And yeah, I hate Mia Michaels too. What a bitch. Like her shit doesn't stink.
Aug. 4th, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC)
We lost Natalie and Ivan. *sad face*
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