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Interest Drabble Challenge 021/150

This is also an enlightening experience!

Until Recently I Hadn't Thought About It, But Now...

I feel the need to be perfectly honest about this interest. I am not interested in Conan O’Brien himself, so much as I am interested in his hair.

I enjoy his program, but I rarely watch it. I’m not remotely interested in his personal life.

No. I am interested almost exclusively in his hair. I want to know what makes it stand up, what products he uses, and how it always returns to its original shape after Conan flails his head about. I wonder, are any molds involved?

And so, I am hereby changing the interest to Mssr. O’Brien’s hair.

Mind you, I am keenly interested. If you have any information regarding the logistics of this man's hair, you let me know.

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