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Moscardini! Yum!

yesterday was an interesting day. Very very busy. Play practice only went til 6 though, but a good half an hour of it was wasted in the costume shop where we all strip in front of each other and what not. and then another 20 minutes was spent making a massive human pyramid. that was freakin scary. then again.. i'm acrophobic. and i was on the top row. got home... tons of homework. then i was up until 11:00-ish making Moscardini and other traditional Sicilian foods from freakin SCRATCH! it was fun but i'm freakin exhausted now. and kind of let down.

ian was supposed to call... swore on his life he said. did he do it? hah... no. Jay says he's a chronic liar and i shouldnt worry about it too much. Probably shouldnt count on him coming down in April either...unless i actually go up there and physically bring him back. which... i could do. we'll see what dad and i come up with. probably wont call him for another 4 days though. too much stuff going on.

bleh at my schedule man. Friday ... school... then the play. Saturday... Saturday night.. Play. Sunday morning at 6:30 in the freakin mornin... work until 1:30 ... shopping for sure...Sunday night at 7:30-9:30 ... show choir! then back to school for my last week until I go to Florida! but for the next few days i will be on my feet until about 9:30 every day. I'll need that vacation. sheesh. I wonder if my mom'll let alyssa and I road trip for spring break. she better.
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