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Project Runway 3:4

Okay, this show is so amazing.

Everyone hates Angela... I think she is the dumbest dumb person... and she's even less qualified than Vincent. The fact that she was a team leader, struck me as a death-wish. Can we spell "disaster?" I think her team really helped pull her together. That being said, I still like the first garment she created.

I knew it was either Keith or Jeffrey getting kicked off, and when Keith wrangled his way into getting extra material, I knew he was going home. Hellooo, anyone remember Zulima? After that... the pattern books, kaboom. It's interesting to me that it wass kind of a snoop & snitch situation. I don't like Jeffrey at all, but I'm afraid the show will be less confrontational without him. I don't feel sorry for him at all, but I'm a bitch. I hated Santino all the way through last season, but he made the show amazingly interesting. Every week was, "what the hell is he going to do next?" I do think that Jeffrey will probably make up for it... and I'm falling in love with Bradley. He's ridiculously charming.

Laura, however, really is bad mommy.

Okay... in terms of the Garments:
- Why are there ALWAYS rosette's involved in Angela's design? Granted, it worked as buttons, but for the love of God, I never want to see those again. Despite myself, I really like Angela's final product. I wouldn't wear a tucked in turtleneck if the fashion police tried to force me into it.... but that's me. I really loved the shrug. *shrug*
- Robert, for once, was a total miss for me. I didn't like the coat at all, and I hated that you could see her stomach/undershirt? I thought the skirt was pretty trashy, to boot.
- Bonnie's outfit was actually mild, to moderately okay... but it seemed like it didn't really have an age market.
-I really actually liked Keith's design, despite myself. I enoyed the creativity in his design. Jeffrey did an amazing job on the pants. I think they were my favorite.

I knew it was going to come down to the team leader. It always does... but I am soooooooo glad Robert is still in. He has been one of my favorite's since this season started. I just... never really got attatched to Bonnie.

And that's that? I swear I'm done posting.

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