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Project Runway 3:3

Okay... so I just watched the third ep, because I clearly didn't have any technology durin gmy vacation.

This epsidoe has left me in a giant state of:


Seeing Tim walk over the hill with thirteen tiny dogs tangled around him definitely set the tone for this entire episode.

I didn't think Uli was going to win; in fact, I was almost sure that Allison was going to win... and I think there were better garments on that runway. Don't get me wrong, I liked it... but I adored Michael's design. I was pretty much appalled when Nina said she would like to photograph his garment in Elle. I think they seriously need to reprimand Keith... he has Santino's arrogance, but at least Santino played by the rules. I still, still dislike Vincent. He was laughing like he was drugged... and all he came up with was a plain black jumper. How is that fashion? Also, I've seen cuter dog clothes at PetSmart.

I'm sad that Katherine is gone. She was representin' for my city, y'all! However, I kind of saw it coming, even though I really liked her garment. It was light and casual enough to be worn with a hoodie, and it's something I would probably, actually, buy. She's too "Minnesota Nice" though... and that doesn't make for interesting television. Maybe I'll track her down in the cities...

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