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Interest Drabble Challenge 019/150

Pot stickers! Stickers of pots! Objects that, when confronted by a cooking vessels of the pot persuasion, stick! Otherwise known as dumplings... but that is nowhere near as fun.

Hi, my name is Shelby, and I've had about 60 oz. of Diet Pepsi today. At the present time, I am comprised mostly of bat-shit crazy. That being said, my current state of being makes this drabble so much more relevant! It's a cross between my love for strong coffee, and my love for the Showtime series Weeds.

For the Widows in Paradise

"Don’t kid yourself, Mrs. B. Caffeine is a serious drug."

She wasn’t kidding herself. She knew, even before the three empty latte cups clattered onto the pavement, that she had a substance abuse problem. Soon she would need to either admit herself into rehab, or upgrade to an IV.

She was up to twenty-five dollars and twenty shots of espresso a day. It doesn’t seem like too much when her quadruple shot, grande, low-fat, no-whip mocha comes sliding to her eager fingers five times daily, keeping her moving through her grief and newfound responsibilities... but the bills are coming due.

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Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Ok, seriously. I am going to watch V for Vendetta and then play video games and then run screaming into the night because I am so unbelievably wired right now and I am abusing punctuation. Must back away from computer before I lapse into rampant caps lock usage and/or excessive use of exclamation points. Yowza. Bat-shit crazy, y'all. *twitches*

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