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ay mum.

why did she have to ruin my mood? so many awesome things happened last night between the hours of 9:45 and 11:15. the second time that ian and i talked for an hour and a half straight. several things were said. and a lot was taken care of...

he told me that he misses me. and he was repeatedly sighing so i asked him what was on his mind. and he told me he was thinking about "that stupid bitch from thunder bay" and what she made him do. and what she cost him. he is going to be my date for prom. he wished me sweet dreams... told me he was going to call me tomorrow (being today). hasnt thusfar. but i'm still hoping. after all... it isnt 10 yet.

then my mother, wonderful mother. has to say that she thinks i should ask either chris or jon to prom. because in her opinion, ian only wants me to pay for him to come down and she says it's going to suck when my heart gets broken again. it's like... thanks for the confidence mom. and crushing my mood and my daydreams and god..."well he hasnt even called you! you are chasing him." i'd like to think vice versa. but i dont know if i can anymore. ` sigh. fuckin a.
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