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Grab me a poncho, Martha!

Ugh. The weather is pitiful. I did all my packing yesterday so that I'd have today to swim, frolic, and be merry and now? It's cloudy, it's rainy, and it's cold. This is high on the list of Things Wot Are Not Cool. The rest are as follows...

Things Wot Are Not Cool
1. Work is going to be significantly less fun without Dave's music.
2. Also, the lack of Dave himself is saddening, because I had a lot of fun last night.
3. My face started bleeding last night, completely out of nowhere. It was bizarre and extremely disconcerting. It was like someone stabbed me with a pin or similar, and I still can't find an explaination other than stigmata.
4. April is leaving the FD too, so there goes another friend of mine.
5. It continues to be crappy outside today.
6. I have to pay all my bills today, 'cause I'm leavin!
7. I have stupid regrets... like not hugging people. Jesus.

I think today would be a great day for tea, loud music, and snail mail.

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