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Project Runway 3:2

Jesus! Miss U.S.A.'s eyebrows are painful! Not to be a shallow bitch, or anything, but is that seriously the best our country can offer?

Angela got on my nerves within the first few minutes. How can you be on this show and not sketch? Also, I understand if your aesthetic doesn't match up, but you still have to try.

I'm surprised that she chose Vincent's design. I still think he's a total crackpot. I think Laura is going to turn out to be a one-trick glam pony. Michael's designs continually surprise me.

As the show went on, I felt like Angela didn't really have a choice to hlep Vincent in the beginning, but then she disappeared... and I've never seen her sew, and I still thought Vincent was a crackpot. I don't think I'm ever going to stop thinking he's a crackpot. He's a mothafuckin' crackpot on a mothafuckin' runway. Anyway, Keith continues to surprise me, even though I don't like him at all as a human being.

I haaated Vincent's dress almost as much as I thought I would. I absolutely adored Kayne's dress. I'm starting to love Uli's aesthetic. Oh, and Laura, she said "avoid white." Remember?

I kind of felt bad for Uli, because I loved her dress. Still, Kayne has a lot of experience.

Anyway, I'm shocked to hell that they got rid of Malan. I liked him more than Angela, and that's saying something. I definitely think he's more talented than she.

Also... red lipstick looks awful on Heidi.

That's all I've got to say.

Honestly, I'm distracted by the news that J.J. Abrams will probably be leaving LOST after this next season. I fear for the show. Really, I do.

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