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Seriously, this is the most random thing in the world. I don't recall anything stranger ever happening to me.

I was sitting here, typing away on AIM, I get up to grab my cell phone and see... a three and a half foot snake slithering out from underneath our loveseat. It scared the ever-living shit out of me, and I am no stranger to snakes. That being said, I maintain that if you are not expecting to see a snake, it will always scare you, no matter how experienced you are with them.

This particular snake is red and orange, and it's definitely a corn snake. I used to own a boa constrictor, so thank God I actually know how to care for this thing for the night, because what the else hell do you do with a renegade snake at 2 a.m., when it is obviously someone's pet? I guess it's lucky that I didn't meet up with Dave, because if I hadn't found it, I don't know what would have happened. Faith probably would have gone mental.

I doubt he's been out for long, because he's extremely happy and healthy. Also, he is quite friendly. Right now, he is giving me a back massage. I actually think I quite like him, but he still scared the shit out of me.

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