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Interest Drabble Challenge 014/150

So I'm a biblipohile. What?

An Unrealistic Request

What can you do to prove your love?

Give me a vault of books as big as your winery’s cellar. I want mountains of books piled to the ceiling and sprawling. Line every wall; fill every nook with archaic tomes, barely legible and musty. I want atlases, encyclopedias, and maps – new and old. I want books fresh from the press. I want to hear the binding crack for the first time, to smell the printer’s ink and gum. Give me novels, poetry, history, essays, and memoirs. Give me the resources to learn how to stop loving you if need be.

The sad thing is, if I didn't love someone and they did this for me... I'd probably take it. If Messr. Fuckhead doesn't come back from Switzerland, that is.

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