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Saturday Morning in the Felby Mansion...

*snrrrrk* My allergies are getting the best of me today. For realz, I was considering going out and buying one of those grandma-ish under the door cloth-things that keeps the scent and heat out, because our apartment is also hot. I don't think our AC can compete with the 100 degree day that dawned at 80 and has done nothing but rise steadily. Seriously... Mother Nature, what? This is Minnesota. Get your shit together, okay?

I need to find a laundromat, I think. I have like, four loads of laundry and I just want to get them done and over with in two hours or less. I'm leaving for Canada in exactly a week, and I want to just be able to pack all my clothes so I don't have to worry about doing laundry until I come back. That would be the sweetest deal. I could just leave my wonderful suitcase in the closet until the day before, throw all the other essential items in there, and just roll on Saturday Morning. I don't want to spend my entire day doing laundry, but now that I'm looking at it, I really don't have anything else to do. =/ Laziness might kick in on this one, and I might just bogart the machines downstairs. If no one is using them I can go two by two and watch Crash or something. We'll see how I feel after coffee.

Things Wot Must Happen Today

- Faith must return with coffee so that I may fall at her feet and worship her for being awesome.
- Laundry must get done, one way or another, for good or ill.
- Must go out and purchase The Red Tent for Madre as a truly-belated-but-she-does-not-know-that-'cause-I-haven't-seen-her-since-before-Mother's-Day Mother's Day gift, which she will love.
- While out, must go hunt out the VHI Storyteller's live recording of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson for a truly-belated-but-he-does-not-know-that-'cause-I-haven't-seen-him-since-Easter Father's Day gift, which he will love..
- Must at least try to not constantly think of the letter on its way over from Switzerland right now. *squee-flail-hart-bounce*
- Must write Drabble for Challenge-Wot-Is-Taking-Forevar. *glares at mattador*
- Thoroughly appreciate the Day Off by playing old-school Nintendo.

And there we have it. I don't want to do any of it, but I should. I should probably do more, but I am not even going to think about it until that coffee gets here.

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