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Interest Drabble Challenge 013/150

Right then, so this one might need a bit of explaining. Bonobo, in this case = music. Remarkably chill music. A bonobo is also the "closest primate relative" to humans, and is an extremely old species... as one would expect. Every time I hear any of Bonobo's music, I think of ancient civilizations from different places around the world. My favorite song is Nocturnary off the album Dial "M" for Monkey. It's not a real world, and I've always kind of struggled with what the hell that fake-word means, so I wrote my own take in the form of a drabble.

Know My Name

I am forgotten. I have been lost through years of myth becoming folly. I was once called Nocturnary, before science gave me another name.

It may be selfish, but I wish you to know my name and identify my footsteps within your mind. I am the one who changes you at night. I weave your dreams with my fingers and my hair. When you surrender to sleep, you entrust your mind to me. I guide your memories back into ancient patterns. I am of the dark, but I am the light that keeps you alive during the night.

Remember me.

Yeah, I don't know what I think about it. Enjoy the song though...

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