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So You Think You Can Pull Off THAT Dress Too?

Cat Deeley, are you wearing a baby-doll dress made out of platemail?! When will you learn?

Anyway! I feel very badly for Donyelle. I hope she heals quickly. I really hate the "let's dim the lights" nonsense.

Anyway, I was shocked when Travis and Martha were put in the bottom three couples. Granted, it had to be someone... but I'm honestly not that impressed with Ryan, and though I loved the Cha Cha, I definitely felt that the Foxtrot PWNED it hardcore.

In terms of solos, here's my take. I was not even remotely impressed by Ashlee's solo. Dmitry, while hot...also didn't seem to really be on top of his splits. I realize that it's a very difficult thing to do in tight pants, especially with male genitalia involved... but, still. Meh. Martha's dance was breathtaking. Faith described her as sculptural, and I completely agree. I'm really falling in love with contemporary dance.

I didn't exactly like Travis's musical choice. His form was absolutely breathtaking though. Natalie's solo was really saucy, and I imagine her quads are yelling at her for it. Musa is a great soloist, which makes sense... as a breaker. I'm glad that he didn't just do a bunch of super-psychotic spins.

In the end girl: Ashlee is the least impressive girl, and she's not very versatile.
In the end boy: Dmitry was the least impressive, and he can't dance with a partner to save his life. I'm really upset that they let Musa go. I knew he wasn't going to win, and that it was coming soon... but Dmitry has been nothing but under-par. I don't think he deserves another chance to "step it up." I am 98% sure that chance will be wasted.
What I'm trying to say here: I KIND OF CALLED IT?

Oh and Dmitry = totally the kiss of death. I pity whoever is stuck with him next week.

Also, the sky is fucking angry.

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