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change is inevitable...

heh. i just got off the phone with ian. hah. he's calling me back at 9. or so he says. tee hee. well when i was all pissed off i took a lion king test... first results...

Which Lion King Character Are You?
Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

bwah ha ha!!! on some days... yes. i completely agree.

but however... after cheering up and calming down... and retaking the test... i got another result that was also quite true and fitting. and in my opinion, wildly entertaining.

Which Lion King Character Are You?
Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

oo oo aa aa! didnt i just have a story about a monkey?

fun stuff isnt it? eccentric? me? nooo. never.

Who's Your Inner Buffy Bad-Girl? Find out @ She's Crafty

hmmm...not entirely factual... however..not completely off. wheee. he said he'd call me back at 9. one hour...

What is YOUR Highschool label?
damn right. dont label me you fuckers!

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

hmmm...witty and wisecracking definitely. but i'm not a man. and if i was, i'd hope to god that i wouldnt look like this dude. personally, i never watched this show anyway. big shock. hmmm...still so much time to waste. so lets get to it.

Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

lmao. never seen this movie. want to though.

Which Grunge Band Are You?

o0o. neato.

Which British Band Are You?

YUSSS!!!!! I'm a creep!!! and i know it. then again.. i tied with muse.. but i wanted to be radiohead. lol. but muse is still cool. bwah ha ha.

Which British Band Are You?


Which John Cusack Are You?

dont know him... but i'll agree with lovesick. o0o time is winding down. call me dammit!!!
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