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Interest Drabble Challenge 011/150

Alright, faithlynn. This one's for you. Oh, and wheresmytower, before you even start... shut up.

*Disclaimer: PG 13, Billy/Dom pairing. Not RL...unfortunately. Although, that's probably subject to interpretation.

Seriously, I Never Write Pr0n...

"Are you sure this thing is off?" Billy asked.

He didn't give a shit about the microphone. He cared about the scent of Dom's hair, the taste and texture of his jaw-line.

They were supposed to be taking a break from the commentary reel; supposed to be eating, getting coffee, getting back to work. He wasn’t supposed to be pinned against the wall.

Dom laughed a sigh out of the depths of his throat, ringing of amusement, excitement, and impatience. "Do you honestly care right now?"

Billy pulled back, eyes drifting over Dom’s lips.

"No," he whispered, and let go.

*ahem* Ya'll better have enjoyed that. Concrit appreciated.

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