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Project Runway 3:1

Okay, for real... I love them all already. Is it bad that a lot of them remind me of last season's designers?

This first epsiode was manic, it was completely psychotic. Total distruction. It was extremly amusing when they had to come back and try to live in their mess.

Seriously though, I think some of these designers need to realize that less is more. Then again, the judges tried telling that to Santino the entire 2nd season. Keith needs to realize that Tim is trying to help him. Vincent needs to get a clue. Stacy needs to learn how to use a goddamn sewing machine.

Some of the garments were actually quite lovely. Keith's garment looked like absolute shite from behind in the arse area. I liked Bonnie's dress, but it definitely should have been better fitted. I really liked the back of Kayne's garment, and he's adorable too. Katherine's was lovely, and I really loved the cloak. I also enjoyed the coffee filter-flapper dress. I was surprised when I found myself liking Stacey's dress. All in all, I really liked the last four, actually. I was suitably impressed. I'm even more excited for this season now!

The only thing that irks me? We have a lot of explainers this round. I'm irritated by it. You should never have to explain why your garment is stylistically ugly. Just don't make ugly garments. Also, I am disgusted that Vincent is still in the running. Stacey can't use a sewing machine, but at least she can create something aesthetically pleasing.

Other than that, some first impressions:
- Hooooly crap! Tim's hair! It's even whiter, and I think he's might be bald by the end of the season. Sad.
- Jesus, Bradley is the new Scruff McGhee! I thought Santino would be the only one, but I was wrong. He actually looks kind of like the Shy-Girl Shy-Girl guy.
- I totally hate the English prick, Malan. A.K.A. Mr. Better Quality Fabric. I HATE HIM. I hate everything about him. Especially his crappy mascara.
- Also, I kind of love Jeff, the rawker! I really want to see what he comes up with.
- Laura is a straight-up priss. She's got a need to feel classy because she's getting old. I'm bored with her already.
- Uli is almost as cute as Heidi! They'll probably bond over some bagels.
- Kayne is also adorable. I kind of want to hug him... and show him how to use a key.
- Katherine is from Minneapolis! REPRESENT!
- Keith has never made a dress, but he has an ego the size of texas. I kind of hate that he won tonight.
- Vincent looks like a cross between Elton John and Austin Powers. After seeing his dress, I think he probably is.
- The former Barbie-Doll designer rocks my world. He kind of reminds me of Nic. I think his name is Robert? Anyway, I like him.

Whadayou think?

PEE ESS: Heidi totally said "less is more" after I wrote it. I just want credit for that one.

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