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The Felby Family has some new additions...

I got a fish! A Crown-tail Betta fish, to be exact. He's so handsome. He's a light off-white at the nose, then turns orange, and red, down his body, into a really dark purple before and on most of his tail, but right at the base of his tail he's just got a shock of turquoise blue, and a purple iredescence overall. His tail is suuuper long, and when he fans out, he's stunning, and gigantic as far as betta fish are concerned. He's happy in his home too, 'cause he's got shiny, glass, mother-of-pearl, fake-rocks; frosted glass fake-rocks; live, curly bamboo, and pretty! His name is Bartleby, and as you can tell, I'm completely in love.

I could seriously stare at him for evar. His tail floats so beautifully, and my room is suddenly very zen. I got some hanging tapestries for the wall behind my bed, and they really help too. Mostly though, I give Bartleby the credit, because his flowing movements and glorious coloring really boost the feng shui. I feel completely relaxed. I love everything!

Faith got one too, but he doesn't have a name yet. He's also very handsome, and I think he looks like a phoenix. He has a really nice gradual fade from bright orange, to fuscia, to purple. He's got a marvelous little bowl that magnifies him when you look through it, but he hasn't quite come to terms with it yet. He doesn't seem to realize that he doesn't actually have to be glued to the sides of it. I'm sure he'll settle in soon though.

Anyway, feesh! *bouncesqueeclap* And now... curry!

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