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Interest Drabble Challenge 007/150

Hello, and welcome to me being a smartass.

It's a Fuckin' Fable, Baby.

There was once a little termite that didn’t quite fit in right. While all his brothers built the mound, he sculpted statues, and experimented with mud and rocks. His brothers often got upset, telling him to "get a job". He inevitably replied, "I have one."

The colony grumbled until the day a bird thundered in and destroyed their immaculate mound. After hours under siege, the survivors heard bird’s wings beating and braced themselves, but the attacker had flown away. Confused, they climbed out and found a large sculpture shaped like a cat, looming over their battered mound.

"Toldja so, motherfuckers."

...and the Moral of this Story: Art will Save Your Life Someday.

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