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i'm fuggin stupid.

yeah. i dont know how this all got so damn confused... but it did. yeah well i dont quite know if i wrote this in here yet but i will again anyway cuz it's on my mind and it's bothering me. I talked to Ian twice on the phone... not once... twice. and i had to go the second time cuz i was feeling seriously ill... yeah well... he said he'd call me back the next day at 9:00. but apparently he thought I was gonna call him at 9:00 and he was home! he was actually there waiting for my call. and at the same time... i'm at home waiting for his call and getting all gloomy-like cuz he didnt call. god.

Victims were tied to you, then you were rotated slowly over some body of water. They either confessed, or drowned. Pretty tame, actually... you're fairly forgiving once people can admit they were wrong.

What torture would you be?
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