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Interest Drabble Challenge 006/150

This one was really hard, for some reason.

How the Fuck Do You Write a Drabble about Aphex Twin?

See James.
See James grimace.
See James pound the ever-living shit out of your eardrums.

James is a madman. He owns a tank, a Russian submarine, and a grin so sinister it could rival Satan’s.

James is impossibly insincere, incalculable, and seemingly unstoppable. There is no explanation why sound pours out of his mind. James cannot read music. He does not own a radio. He is not limited, or indeed even remotely affected by outside influences. James is all effect, no cause. He works in lucid dreams, building synthesizers from scratch just to tear their sound apart.

Go James, go.

mattador, I'm starting to hate you.

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