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So You Think You Can Fuck Up My Season?!

Okay, it better be Jessica and Jaymz going home tonight, or else I'm going to choke a bitch. I have never been impressed by either of them, and they are always "dancing for their lives" and failing to wow me. Jessica is boring, and Jaymz can't spin straight to save his life.

Also, I love the other couples. I realize we're going to have to break it up sooner or later, but please... make it later. I don't want people-that-deserve-to-continue to lose to people who have consistently sucked, kthx. Also, plz for to keep Ivan. He's like, the cutest thing since puppies. Also... if you send Heidi home, y'all are morons. Morons!

Also... ladies, this is a family show. Put some goddamn clothes on.

ETA: I mothafuckin' called it, yo! I am made of RIGHT.

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