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Interest Drabble 004/150

Well, I probably won't be able to update properly tomorrow, as I work from 10-8, so I'm gonna post the drabble now. This one was fun, and politially relevant! Also, it features the letter "W", which I quite like.

Alliteration for the Nation

What a wonderful world, and what a woeful war. Why do we wield weapons? Why waste the welding and will of the well-meaning on wild, wicked warriors watching and waiting for weak and weary prey? Why won’t we wake from our worry? Why not wrest our well-earned freedom from the warped, wonton warmongers who want to whip us while we weep and wane?

When we wade into the wondrous well of a world willfully working with one another, we will wholly wish we wouldn’t have waited to waft away the wails of widowed women, while watching the wambles wither away.

HEE! God, I am such a dork! Oh, I love it. Appropriate responses (or any combination thereof) are as follows: Woah!, Wow!, Wowza!, Wonderful!, Wicked!, Wacky!, Wonky!, Word., Weird..., and/or Wait... what? Thx.

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