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Interest Drabble Challenge 003/150

I can't decide if I like this one or not? It didn't really go where I intended it to?

The Air You Breathe

I am feeling very warm right now*; enveloped in pure, concentrated excitement. I am entirely liberated by it, and recklessly euphoric. I might rocket myself into the sky and disintegrate.

I feel weightless, like a single down feather twirling lazily back to the ground. Every spin is a fantastic rush. Every plunge makes me race. I am seduced by the hot breezes of your breath, and I crave movement, friction, stillness, and surrender.

So please, take me down. Pull me into you. Breathe me in. I am useless alone, but with you - inside you, I will bring you to life.

***The first line to one of my favorite Air songs. In fact, here! Mind you, I didn't write this to be like the song. I just wanted to incorporate the band and y'know, oxygen because my interest is kind of a double entendre. I am extremely interested in the air I breathe. Writing from the perspective of oxygen is a bit challenging though.

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