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Interest Drabble Challenge: 001/150

Brace yourselves, mattador has challenged me [and anyone else, for that matter] to do one drabble per day for the next 150 days based upon my interests. I have decided to embark upon this quest, and I know not if I shall survive. If y'all want to do it too, you totally should, because this could be really fun.

So, without further ado...

Eighth Notes

Bass clef was easy. Treble is impossible. This is futile.

I keep staring at these lines, this bar, this incorrigible measure. I’ve made peace with the 6/8 time signature, and I am well-acquainted with the key of E flat, but I can’t put a single note on this staff. I remember other sheet music, and how the arpeggios dance on and between the lines and spaces, but my hand is frozen and there is no sound in my ear.

I am a musician, but I cannot compose. What do you do when your professional life hangs on an eighth note?

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