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ahh..... morning.

morning is so great. we have a two hour delay from school, and of course i was notified when i was already in the shower so i didnt get any extra rest but thats okay cuz this morning is fairly peaceful. something i've needed. i dont know why everything has been so god awful hectic lately. i think its the play. hmmm...

i got my costume for it. it's really kind of cute actually. although it looks more 50's-ish than 1901 school girl. but it's a little red & white checkered dress with little red buttons. then i have a skirt and shawl for when i die. woo! i had two people tell me i was pretty yesterday. that freaked me out. thats not normal... let alone true. blah. but i brought in a costume that mrs. kopp said was waaaay too 1850's. that suprised me. i was worried about it looking to 1970's-ish. it's alright. chris looks like the high-water lawyer from the ghetto. he and i have way too much fun goofing off. he was stripping in front of me yesterday...didnt think anything of it either. not like it's really important... he was wearing boxers. (plus, it's not like he really has anything to show. bwah ha ha.) Wags looks like he's going trout fishin' with his suspender and pants that look like hip waiters. freakin dork. he follows me around and it scares me. =/ staubli is hilarious. so is corey. and harry and jason and ben... yeah pretty much everyone is. i'll never forget jason's quote when he stubbed his toe.

"Son of a cock-sucker!!"

or when kopp said "dumbass" and batta patata was all..."hyuck hyuck hyuck! she said dumbass! or when later she said "pussy footing" and chris was just appalled. he's like... did she just say what i think she did? apparently it weirds guys out when girls say rude/vulgar/grotesque words. that's a riot. i wanna see jon again. ellie says she thinks she saw him working at pizza hut. i know he works at the pizzaria in dirtfield. he gets a cool blue t-shirt with the name of his vocational vecinity printed on his cleavage.

i want one of those.
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