Thesaurus Rex (virtuistic) wrote,
Thesaurus Rex

insecurity, thou art evil

i wish i wasnt so easily persuaded. thank god not many people have to see me. ` sigh. Eyebrow plucking is a delicate thing, and never ever EVER let your friend do them for you....lesson learned. her idea of cool is WAY different then mine i prefer not to have tiny little lines were my eyebrows should be. Well they arent that bad i guess but..i dont doesnt look like me. How can something so miniscule make me feel so...naked? I dont know, im probably over-reacting. right about now i am thanking my lucky stars that i dont like anyone here and that my boyfriend is no where to be found so he cant point and laugh at me. not like he would, he's too sweet, he'd prolly bite his tongue and not say anything but still.! aaaaah.! i just hope no one thinks imma freak, but me being a perfectionist notice the change and the little stuff and what not so....blah. swimming tonight. yay.! in the pool though so my hair is gonna go to crap. True beauty comes from the inside.! and NO one here cares. so why do i? i dont? =/
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