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Dude, srsly...

I love it when people interject what they think will be a shocking bit of information, and then I just supplement with more information, and their jaw drops to the floor. Makes me feel good. I think I need a shirt that says: HEY! HEY! I AM A SMART GIRL!

Beware, my brain will kick your brain in the frontal lobe. You've been warned.

Also, I rock the vague.

In other news, I got a supper crappy latte today from Starfucks. I'm extremely unhappy with it, which is depressing. I was super stoked for coffee this morning. Alas. Perhaps my expectations are too high, but I don't remember coffee tasting like tree bark.

I feel like a goofball though, because I'm about to embark on Pt. 2 of the Great Cleaning Adventure. I had to set the mood, so I'm blasting Frank Sinatra. Oh, and when I say blasting, I mean you can hear it down the hallway. I tell ya, I would've made the perfect 40's housewife. For realz.

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