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i love rainy days

well today was a relatively shitty day. i have the god awful feeling that my friends are talking about me behind my back. then again... maybe i'm just paranoid. i'm also NC-17. check it out.


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sweet. how cool is that bwah ha ha. yeah well i'm still kinda pissed that ian didnt call me. i think i'm going to call in about 5 minutes because he wont be home at 7 freaking 30. and if he is... i'm going to scream. i dont know... i really could go for one of jon's hugs. he always makes me feel better. man... if only i got to see him more than once a week. but damnit. man... i hate this.


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i love blue. favorite color! but man... just having 12 hour days all week... thats gonna suck. and with kopp...god help me. and erin puts me in a really bad mood just because she thinks she's so much wiser and better than everyone else. and she isnt at all kind or gracious. "yeah, well i'm only taking mary and jenny and chris. that's over my limit. oh well, not like i havent done more than that before. you can go with kyia." and she was so fuggin snobby about it. it's like.. okay fine. whatever. fuck you too. someday you're gonna get whats coming to you. man i am so sick of spoiled yuppie brats. and people accusing you of things you didnt do, but convincing themselves that you did. everyone needs a friggen scapegoat. i got new glasses though... they rock. they're rivers-cuomo-like. people that've tried them on tell me i'm blind. eh... fuck em. they can suck shit and die.

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