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That won't stop me...

While it remains true that I am - in fact - sick, it doesn't mean I'm going to slow down under any circumstance. Oh hell naw, I'm gonna keep on rockin'.

Went swimmin' for two hours today, and now we're mowing through a five course meal. Granted, it's improvised and possibly not as "fancy" as one might expect, but I'm lovin' it.

First Course
- Fresh, chopped Romaine lettuce, red onion, cucumber, and feta cheese salads with raspberry vinaigrette

Second Course
- Kalmata Olives
- French Green Olives with Herbs De Provence
- Asiago Artisan Ciabatta
- Rosemary Artisan Ciabatta
- Feta Cheese

Yum, okay? It was amazing. Antipasto, man.

Third Course
- Spinach Parmesan Tortellini

Fourth Course
- Giant Strawberries
- New Zealand Queen Apples
- Pluots
- Creamy Fruit Dip

Fifth Course
- Amaretto Chocolate Gelato
- Angel Food Mini-cake

Diggity damn, it feels good to eat well. I think it's time to pass out on the sofa now... after I set down my wine, that is.

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