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well well well...

wow. i'm shocked. i called up to ian's house and he actually picked up the phone, which freaked me out because he uh... never does? another weird thing...he actually talked to me. Man, and right when i called him i was thinking to myself, "dude, what if ian picks up the phone?" ... then of course... speak of the devil. he didnt know it was me at first, then he figured it out and was like oohh!!! Hey!!! and mum said he had a huge grin on his face when she walked in the door and he told her who was on the phone. hmmm... this is worth pondering.

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yeah i'm flippin retarded. we went to the valentines day dance and it sucked royally. duh, we knew it would. but anyway, we left and were sitting outside my house because i didnt wanna go in. no wonder why, my parents yelled at me the second i got inside. i hate them. but i love weezer!=w=

dont you, donut cuomo?

yeah, anyway. he said he'd call me. i wonder if he actually will. hmm... i really probably shouldnt get my hopes all up. Krystal said he would. hmmm.... i wonder.

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