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England 1, Trinidad & Tobago - 0!! In the 83rd minute! Beckham to Crouch! Crouch's head to net! Hislop can't stop it!


First 2nd half World Cup goal since 1998!

Oh, and Rooney is back! He's in, and he's a little rusty but that man is amazing. Super fast and super fierce!

ETA: OMFG! Girard just made, no - slammed another one into the far post! 91st minute! 2-0!
ETA2: Omg... Trinidad almost just scored, but Glenn was offside and the goal didn't count. 2 to 0 it is! No rum for Trinidad & Tobago! GO ENGLAND!
ETA3: To be fair, Trinidad and Tobago played an excellent game. Hislop is a phenominal keeper, and they really put the pressure on the entire game. England had posession for probably 65% of the game, but T&T pushed it hard. England was actually pretty sloppy and unimpressive until the second half. They got it together toward the end, and it was amazing, but they could have done a lot better.

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