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Shelby 1, Sprinkler 0

One shift down, one more to go! I'll be scoring some OT this week too. Gettin' paid on Friday, skippin' town, getting my whitewater canoeing on. I cannot wait!

What I can do, is wake up at 6:40 every morning when the sprinkler comes on. I definitely heard it hiss to life like an angry racoon at 6:41 this morning. I sat up in bed, reached over to shut the window, and got a minishower. I figured I would call and complain if it was still on after my first shift. It was, I turned it off, and called Sela. I had to leave a message with the head of maintenance, but after chatting with his secretary about 8 hour sprinkler sessions, it seems like our little inept and inconsiderate sprinklerholic is gonna get pwned!

I'd be lying to you if I told you I didn't feel really good about that. I'm no nark, and I don't like getting people in trouble. That being said, if you're a dumb shit, and your stupidity is infringing on my ability to be happy, sane, and dry, I'm gonna call you out, beeyotch!

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