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Will the sun come out tomorrow?

It is goddamn freezing outside. Okay, so that's not entirely true...but it's cold and it's wet. Have I mentioned wet yet today? I think I have. D'you think I should underline it? Maybe make it some outrageous color in a ridiculous font just so it sticks out? You do? Me too.


There. Maybe the point has gotten across. Evidently, Faith saw the guy shut off the sprinkler at 12:30... after more than 4 hours of watering only half of the lawn. Evidently, he's a guy that works for the rental company. I think it's about time he got fired. If I find any sign of water damage, I will choke bitches and demand reparations. Motherfuckers.

Speaking of motherfuckers, Jorge is back. His screen, however, was not fixed. Neither was the burner because my extended warranty expired 20 days ago. Nevermind that I placed the order before it expired, but since they didn't get it during warranty... they can't order the parts without charging me. Whatever. It's manageable... and at least I have my friggen laptop back.

IN SHORT: Today wants me to be miserable.

Tomorrow doesn't look much better. I'm thinking about referring to it as Hell Day from here on out, because it's a 14 hour day at Peavey, with no break between shifts. Urg. Think of the paycheck, Shelby. Think of the paycheck.


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