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99 bottle of hard liquor on the wall...

Happy birthday, Aaron! You're all growwed up.

I must say, June is starting out rather pleasantly, in that I got drunk last night at the Indy and tonight shall venture into Dinkytown (blech) for a night of celebration with friends that took forever to hit the legal drinking age, omg.

Also, I don't have to work until 5 in the evening tomorrow, so I can actually sleep this night off! It's amazing! Y'know what else is amazing? I'm backed up 260 entries in my f-list. .. yikes. Way to go, guys. I'll do some catching up, but it's gorgeous outside and a bike ride around and into the lake is beyond necessary. Unf, summer.

God damn. Dr. Pepper is delicious. Wtf?

PEE.ESS. 900 more E points until I'm practically Godlike in DW. I've been wailing on blue dragons like it's nobody's business.

ETA: My allergies just donkey-punched my sinuses. Ow.

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