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woo hoo! another eye infection!

yeah. im home from school now because i scratched my eye at some point and now it's infected which explains the redness. it doesnt hurt though so whatever. but something else does. i hate hope. it always seems to let me down.

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yeah jon went to honors band. did he have to be so smart? lordie! i just wanna see him. guh, and if he was coming i'd go to jazz band anyway even though i'm not supposed too. not like i've ever really cared what i was "supposed to do" anyway. but i was hoping to see him before bastard
valentines day.. . .fuckin stupid holiday. . .

This is what I think of it...

I hate Valentine's Day.

I hate not being able to find the right card to send.
I hate finding the right card to send, because they might not have gotten me one and then I'll feel like such a fool. I hate wondering whether or not I should give a gift, and if I do give a gift, how extravagant it should be.
I hate not getting a gift on Valentine's Day, especially if I've given somebody else one.

I hate not going out to dinner on Valentine's Day. Then again...I hate going out to dinner on Valentine's Day because every place romantic has been booked solid for the last three weeks, and if you do by some miracle happen to get in, it's disgustingly crowded and noisy, and about as romantic as gym class in high school.

I hate thinking about all the flowers that give their lives just so someone at school can look really popular. i hate that popularity is all valentines day is about, not actually love. I hate it that there's some kid in a classroom somewhere who didn't get any valentines because he or she's not popular, thus feeling they arent loved.
I hate it when I don't get any Valentines.

I hate Valentine's Day.
it's all so fake.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

those are my feelings. deduct what you wish.
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