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Pretentious film geekery, ahoy!

I saw Cremaster 3 last night, and I really did not enjoy it. There were parts that I liked, and some things were absolutely beautiful, but for me... there wasn't enough beauty to balance out my irritation. I don't know if you've seen it, but a) Matthew Barney cannot direct comedy (i.e. the bar scene), and b) they way he focused on Ireland and the Irish was actually mildly to moderately offensive to me. As I understand it, the five part series focuses on the testicle; the title is derived from the cremaster muscle that drops said testicle. A lot of the imagery was really interesting in the way that it characterized femininity and masculinity, but for most of the film I was sitting back and just thinking, "why? Why are we doing this? Why are we rock climbing up the Guggenheim to play with a crucifix in the middle of a four-band cacophonic mosh pit?" For realz. ;)

Honestly, there were a couple of moments when I sincerely hoped the film would just break and we wouldn't be able to watch anymore. The only thing I really truly, consistently enjoyed was the Matre'D.

Really though, it must be exhausting to be Matthew Barney, physically and mentally. I don't think watching three films made by and about him in one weekend was such a wise idea on my part. These are the kind of visual collections that need to be taken in small doses. Anyway, it was nice to see some repeating themes, i.e. the petroleum tank and his petroleum sculptures, though it really is a thoroughly disgusting medium. Mssr. Barney also seems to have a thing for double amputees. Just an observation.

Anyway, I enjoyed Drawing Restraint 9. That was probably helped by watching "No Restraint" beforehand, but perhaps it was more of the, "hey, there's actually a linear plot here!" Interestingly enough, though, there were times when Bjork didnt quite fit the part. I never would have thought that possible.

Any thoughts?

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May. 30th, 2006 02:05 am (UTC)
I've only seen bits and parts of different Cremasters and it only just confused me to no end! Bjork and Matthew Barney are so perfect for each other.
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