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It's warm, and sunny, and...

Okay. Working every day is getting really tired. Literally, and omg. I think I need a second job that involves sitting and being really, truly boring just to break the monotony and make me appreciate what I have.

In other news, I think my crush on worker boy might be d-e-d, ded. Maybe it's just because I've only seen him in passing twice this week, and clearly that is a sign from the heavens that we are woefully not meant to be. EXCEPT, next week he and I are getting sent out to the PV plaza together! Who knows what could happen! [/end mock excitement]

Whatever. I feel very un-fun lately. I haven't properly squeed about LOST. I haven't gotten all worked up about Pirates II coming out. I literally did a crossword at the bar with Sandy the other night. I cannot art under these conditions. I feel really restricted by my schedule and I'm very displeased with it. I haven't even gone to Salem since school because I've been working every Sunday. Perhaps I still need to adapt yet, but I'm extremely frustrated. I need some augmentation soon, even if it's an overdose of spontaneity every couple of days. Otherwise, I might go batshit crazy.

God, I feel boring! I hate it! *sigh* I guess I better get to it, though. I have to work at 3:30. Maybe I'll bring a notebook and try to art within these self-imposed restraints, Barney style. Oi. When did I become pathetic?

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