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Connoisseur is French for "awesome person."

OMG LONGEST DAY OF WORK EVER. Ok, not really. It was only 6 hours but I am pooped.

I, however, do not have time for exhaustion because this night is an evening of art! Specifically, Barney art! Actually, this entire weekend is pretty much devoted to Matthew Barney. For reals, we're going to go see both Cremaster 3 tomorrow, but today we're seeing the making of and actual film Drawing Restraint 9 consecutively, because we are that hard core. In fact, I don't even know if I'll be able to handle it. It should be a visual feast without rival. A sightgasm, my friends.

In other news, bon voyage, sbryan. Thy mission, should thee accept it, is to fain become "King" of yon "Cleveland" within the next fortnight. Prithee milord, get to it... but stay in touch.

Okay, I ache. I seriously need to lounge for awhile. Oh, hello there, Nintendo! I think I'll come visit you for awhile after I kill this whining beagle! See you in a few!

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