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It's meme day, evidently...

I got tagged by aaskie to give this sucker a whirl. Here goes.

1.List all of the LJ friends who you know or have met in real life:
aither_nyx, almost_without, azione, bandtenhut, blyssfulchaos, broke_nhearted, c_frutiger, claudiorobot, dibellezza, dragoondefender, esc_azkaban, fait_acc0mpli, faithlynn, fiestychele, goyet003, gregsterdude, hadanada, hannita7, iwannnabascot, jalpenobob, kiasopia, lightofmine, lost_polyphony, marvelouscherry, mattador, mcgheebeagle, miahynot, muhnipul8a, onigokko, poivrepauvre, prophet_of_wit, renisharios, sasha_black, sbryan, silfactor, smash271, sparky828, spiced_peach, superklein, transitumbra, wheresmytower, and withnoavail.

... *whew* I think I need a break after that. 0_o

2. List five of the LJ friends that you have never met IRL, but think that you'd get along with best:
punkiejeannien, ashendi, orangedust, stoicism, notashamed

...I think I'd have a blast with all of you, though? Why only five? I want to add so many people to that list. *wimper*

3. List five of the LJ friends that you most look up to and admire: Man, I love all y'all. Admire? Hmm. juleskicks, telesilla, secondstar, esc_azkaban, and cleolinda

4.Which of your LJ friends do you think has the best username?
spattergroit, fo' sho'.

5.List five of the LJ friends that you wish that you knew better:
handful, incroyable, quidditchkiss, _____idioteque, emmoyenne

6.Do you have any LJ friends that you are kind of intimidated by? If so, list them:
cleolinda, but we aren't mutual friends 'cause she has like, 8,000. Still, I totally love her but I tend to feel like a plebe. It's kind of the same with incroyable, and a little bit with both telesilla. Also juleskicks, 'cause she totally does.

7.Do you have any LJ friends on your list who irritate you or make you angry?
Oh hell yes.

8.What about having anyone on your LJ friends list who make you laugh until it hurts?
Of course! notashamed, punkiejeannien, princessstar, cleolinda, juleskicks, faithlynn, ashendi, esc_azkaban, aither_nyx, sbryan, muhnipul8a... I'm sure there are more.

9.Who do you consider to be the most physically beautiful person on your LJ friends list?
Oh jesus... You're all lovely. You're beautiful! Clap for yourselves!

10.Finally, who on your LJ friends list do you envy most and why? Every single writer on my f-list, because I haven't written anything creatively in so long, and I wish I could. Y'all are so good, it almost hurts.

Jesus, that took forever. I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to it if you wanna. I'll read it. ;)

SHOUT OUT: Faith, "On My Own [DANCE REMIX]"?!?! OMGWTFBBQ?! How gay are you?!

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