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Return of the meme!

I've been tagged by sixteenthnote to explain my lj username to all y'all. I'm 99.99% I've done this meme before, but I'm pretty sure it was before the lj tag we'll have at it.


This is actually kind of complicated. It's a huge play on words, but it is most emphatically not a word. It kind of drives me crazy when people think it is [often mistaken for virtuosic]... but no. It's not.

HOWEVA, the word virtuosic played a large role in the creation of the name. Why? Just check out the definition. I love the arts, and I dabble in almost all mediums. I write, I sing, I play the trumpet, french horn, and piano. I paint, I draw, etc. Art is basically my world, and I think I'm fairly good at it. Thus, virtuosic also implies confidence, though hopefully without being an egotistical bastard. It's that whole, "ain't braggin' if it's true" thing. Hah.

Anyway, it started mainly because of the word virtue, and the fact that I believe they are subject to interpretation. I know my heart, and I know I'm a good person with good intentions. Through my parents' collective vantage point, I was a "bad girl" because I challenged authority and didn't respect or follow rules I didn't agree with. Whatever, I live what I believe, and I think I'm better for it. It's more honest, and honesty is extremely important to me. I have my own set of mores, and my morals are huge for me. I live by my own set of virtues and codes. So, virtuous is incorporated as a paradox, because I am virtuous, but I am not by conventional standards, but I don't really do many super illegal things... often. It's kind of a re-affirmation of self, and a jab at the man for being a stupid fucker.

I also like the way it seems like "virtual," because this is online. It's not real... but in a way it is. I put a lot of me into my writing, and thank you aaskie for noticing! XD In aaskie's words, "There's nothing fake about [it]."

So I took all of that, and throw the "istic" on the end to invent a new word for myself with a personal meaning, and I'll define it with my writing, and give it a history. Also, the "istic" allowed me to incorporate all of the aforementioned words instead of picking one. Roll it all together, the word itself also represents creativity, flexibility, and it reminds me not to take things too seriously, which I try my hardest to never do, beause why?

Anyway, there you have it! I guess now I'm supposed to tag as many people a there are letters in my name, so here goes:
vivnow, incroyable, riney, telesilla, emmoyenne, dreaminoflorien, aaskie, eliosem, silfactor, and aither_nyx.

Also, hey... while we're meme-izing, I'm gonna jump on this bandwagon:

Be Honest.

Why am I on your friend's list?

Answer and post this in your own journal.

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