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My beagle drinks like a fish.

It's true. I just filled her water bowl twice, and it's empty again.

I feel better today, but the beagle does not. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, but Gucci was holding her right eye funny and blinking a ton. It's not unusual for her to wink from time to time, but her eye looked really swollen and her third eyelid was really puffy. I was really worried that she had a eye-ulcer like Amber(my Xena wannabe Labrador) had back home. I was freaking out, because if she needed surgery or something I wouldn't be able to pay for it.

I rushed her to the vet at noon, but the earliest they could squeeze me in was 2:10. So I grabbed a newspaper and a coffee at Caribou and read it in the car with the really miserable beagle panting, and blinking fiercly in the backseat. Reading about the Gay Marriage Ammendment going before the Senate and getting really pissed off was all I could to do to keep myself from obsessing over Gucci's cornea and fearing for the worst. Ugh.

I took her back to Banfield, which is connected to the Petsmart... so she was really excited to be there, until she caught a wiff of "Vet Smell" and then she was in Scrabble Mode. She was clawing at the floor and practically choking herself trying to get out of there. I felt awful. She kept hiding underneath my legs and crying. I mean crying. There were mournful wails, sobs, and beagle tears involved. I felt like the biggest asshole ever.

Thankfully we got her into the room quickly, so she didn't cause too much of a scene. She made me feel like such an abusive pet owner because I had willingly wrought this torment upon her, when really we lavish every comfort and convenience on this creature and only take her in because we don't want her to die. Man, I'm such a bitch.

When we got in the little room she resumed her position cowering behind my legs, and shaking violently. When the nurse came in all hell broke loose. We had to put her on the table, and she kept trying to jump off and she was pissing all over everything. Puddle here, piddle piddle there, little stream here, etc., etc, ad nauseam. I don't know where she stores it all, because I made sure she had gone twice before I even brought her in. Oi.

Then the theories came. It could be allergies! It could be a corneatic ulcer! It could be a scratch on the cornea! Or a piece of dirt lodged within the depths of her eyeball! It could be doom itself!!1! Thankfully, not so. We went through these possibilities one by one, and checked them off the list of potential ailments.

Luckily, she just has Beagle Pink-Eye. It's called conjunctivitis in the biz. I've got goop in a tube that I need to put in her eye twice a day for the next two weeks. Poor thing. Ugh, you should've seen the way she flew out that door. I keep trying to make myself feel better about the whole thing, thinking things like, "well, it's good you caught it early." and "at least she doesn't have to have her eyelids sewn together through a button like Amber did."

*sigh* Ah well. It's time to get back to the spring cleaning before my mother comes up. Eek.

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