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Right then...

Okay, since I can't get enough of talking about televised nonsense... I sugned up for a account and have been bopping around some of the forums there, and I was wondering...

Poll #731620 I love the tee vee

Do you have an account at


If so, what is it?

Let me know. Let's add each other on there too. Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.

This whole question about whether or not Invasion is actually cancelled is driving me nuts. I'm not willing to jump to conclusions, especially since pazsaz hasn't listed it as chopped yet, and they're pretty quick when it comes to listing the recently departed. It's true that ABC isn't going to be putting it back it's original timeslot, and there are a couple ballsy bloggers that are willing to say that network isn't going to keep it at all (which, as far as I can tell, hasn't been confirmed). That being said, just because it isn't in their prime-time line-up doesn't mean it's falling off the face of the planet. There was also talk of CW or the Sci-Fi channel adopting the series, but I think this show is a little out of CW's price range. It's right up the Sci-fi channel's alley, though. So we'll have to see there.

Also, the thing that really irks me is when random people go all, "I'm really not surprised. The show sucked for ratings." What? In comparison to Lost? Hell yeah, but everything sucks in comparison to Lost. Invasion was second place for ratings in it's time slot, beat only by CSI: NY. Invasion had more viewers than Law & Order so no, I don't think 2nd place is a bad turnout.

At any rate, there's an online petition to save the show, and it's already got some 9,000 signatures. I don't really have faith in petitions... but I think it'd be foolish to drop the show after the finale they gave us last night. It's mostly ABC's fault, as far as I'm concerned, for dicking around and not letting anyone know if they were keeping it or not until the very last minute. Ah well, que sera sera. I hope someone picks it up. I am still planning on writing up the recaps for the entire first season, and hopefully we'll get some solid news from a trustworthy source in the near future about the fate of the show.

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