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Home again...

That was, all in all... a lovely trip. The drive was glorious, and it was great to just get out of the city. As far as the actual birthday party went... meh. The bar scene in La Crosse is comatose at best, and some of them are really, really lame. Plastic cups y'all. I took a shot out of a plastic cup. That was a new level of ghetto.

We had a great time overall, though. We played sand volleyball and, while fun, ow. My hand is still swollen, I ruptured a couple of blood vessels and I bruised my thumb knuckle on my left hand. It was totally worth it though. I think I'm going to have to purchase a volleyball and practice some. If I get good enough I might be able to play at the volleyball courts on Calhoun and not feel like a total n00b.

I miss hanging out with Carmen and Alyssa. They're cool cats. Though, to be honest, some of Carmen's friends make me want to scream. Math majors and girly girls... *shudder*. Those are not my people. Also, they wake up in the morning. Morning! I know!

At any rate, I think I need to do more of these random road trips. It's good for the soul.

Also, OMGWTF! I'm actually home for LOST! *throws confetti*

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