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Meme madness!

Check out my mad skillz of brain-power, yo!

146! Hah cha!

Since I've gotta do a whole hell of a lot of studying tonight, I'm going to need some moral support from you guys. So if y'all want to anonymously tell me if/why you envy me, I'll be sure to blush a lot.

BUT! The real thing that I really really really want everyone to do, because these are super fun and if I haven't done one for you yet, let me know 'cause I wanna play with this thing forevar, make a paper doll of me. Even if you haven't seen me, make a doll of what you think I look like based on what you read. It would make my night.

Also, there's a new friending meme. I was a bit late to the punch, but we'll see.

Also, since I really don't want to study but probably should... you can almost bet that I'll post my MI:3 commentary and excessively late LOST thoughts tonight. HAH. Oh, procrastination. How I love thee.

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