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Okay then...

I was planning on writing a LOST post, and a review of MI:3, but I think I need to purge first.

Thursday's are hard. They always are, and yesterday I started off sleep deprived and stressed because my computer had broken. Then I got to school, and found out that our group project wasn't done correctly. Then I realized that my final lab report also wasn't done correctly. So we drove around a bit, came home, I corrected it and realized that I had screwwed up on when my one-on-one meeting with Pam was to discuss my feature story. I ran out of the house, sped to school, and got there with two minute before my time-slot was officially over, but she was already talking to the next student. At that point, my father called me and I told him about the computer and he told me that my Grandpa is in the hospital again because one of his stints is acting up. GREAT. So I sit down, start trying to edit my piece to take my mind off of it, and come to realize that my article sucks. It's dry, and it's boring. I sit there for an hour, fighting back tears, hoping that maybe Pam will be able to sneak me in. Turns out she couldn't, so I ask her for my edited copy so that I may at least get her edits in there and try to salvage this story. She asked how I was, and I just completely lost my shit. I started balling, and I felt like a total fool. She walked me to the bathroom and I washed my face, and she did her best to help cheer me up. She's a really great professor and I'm gonna miss her a lot. I have a coffee date with her tomorrow at 10, and I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, after class I couldn't find my phone. I thought that during my emotional explosion I had forgotten it, so I frantically drove back to school to check where I'd been sitting, and called the info desk and at Coffman, but wasn't there. So I came home and tore apart my bag one more time, and it fell out of the pocket that I never use. Go figure.

So Faith made me an oatmeal cookie shot, and gave me a hug and we watched LOST and freaked out together. So yeah. Today has really been a mental recooperation operation. Oi.

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