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All I got left is a resounding WTF.

WTFKILL #1: Livejournal is going in and out, and I can't comment on anyone's entries. ARG! I shake my fist at the sky! Oh the injustice! Oh the rage! I swear to God and all things good, righteous, and edible, if we have another blackout - especially during Hell Week - I will choke a bitch.

WTF #2: It's not enough for Big 'N' Rich to have Cowboy Troy's ginormous belt buckles and shiny green shirt, but they also need a midget too? But it isn't *just* a midget. It's a midget gimp in an orange, fuzzy pimp hat. When is midget-exploitation going to stop?!

WTF #3: Every time I go to Kinkos, it takes me about an hour - regardless of what I'm doing, because inevitably, the machine that I am using will break. Every single time, sure as shootin'.

WTF #4: Wynona can't stop looking at Troy's belt buckle either. God damn.

WTF #5: Why do people in various film professions think it's OK to make babies and animals talk? It looks fake, and it creeps me the fuck out.

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