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We are laughing....


WE are DRUNK. We, collectively. Felby, that is to say, as an entity - is drunk. We decided, with a ridiculous amount of conviction, that we should go out and drink ourselves into oblivion after the Gospel Choir concert. So we did. Mind you, the concert was not bad. It was, in fact, quite good. Tomorrow promises to be trying but we don't care! Because we are drunk! And we are happy!!

My new favorite drink: The Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini. So good, zomg.

Anyway, in lieu of all this madness and uncontrollable laughter, it's time for bed. Plus, I think I'm overusing parenthetical clauses. Anyway, drunk! Laughing! Ha ha! G'nite! ♥

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Tags: cheers!, teh flatmate
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