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My name is SPAM!

Whatever, it's Friday. I can "cut loose."

Terrible, Delightful Linkage ...emphasis on "terrible."
- I need to call my father. His role model has a drug addiction. HEEEEE! Unfortunately, he'd probably find a way to justify it. Ugh.
- Plagiarism contest!
- Get your laudanum out, ladies. Annie Ignorant has advice on How to be a Good Christian Wife. This would make me sick if it weren't for the comments.

Also, since it's just before finals week:
Comment with your username and people will tell you something they love about you, whether it's your sense of humor or your smile. Whatever it is, just say it!

Speaking of memes, I've been tagged by sbryan to share six random things about myself with you:

1. I have a green umbrella. For very specific purposes, I have a green umbrella. I have a problem with losing things. In my hometown, everyone and their dog had black umbrellas that were practically identical, and mine always either got taken accidentally or left behind. I think I lost a total of seven. So I got a green one because no one in the history of ever has had a green umbrella. It sticks out, no one can walk away with it without me noticing, and I doubt I'll forget it. 'Cause it's green.

2. I really like arting. I don't do it nearly enough, but I love drawing. Especially with an ink well and a brush. I'd like to think that my art is good. Even if it isn't, I like it anyway. I think I'm going to frame some of it. I'm a relentless perfectionist though, so arting takes forever. Damn, do I love it though.

3. I love Chile Relleno. It's goddamn delicious. It looks gross, it sounds gross, but it rules. Fuck, I'm really hungry now. THANKS, SEAN.

4. When I'm writing or developing characters for a story, sometimes I will whisper dialogue to myself and then whisper back theirs in a different tone of voice to make sure it sounds natural. I'm sure I look completely starkers, and I often feel like a crazy person. I just bounce their personalities off of mine, and see what happens. For some reason hearing it helps me. Then again, I'm a big fan of reading my writing aloud just to make sure it flows. I'll never do it when someone else is around though, unless I'm - y'know, reading them a story specifically to read to them.

5. I love playing frisbee. I don't know why, but it's seriously one of my favorite things to do on a sunny day. Running around in grass barefoot and flinging a flying disc around fills me with incomprehensible joy. It's also the only hand-eye sport I really consider myself to be good at. I'm fair at badminton, and I'm moderate at volleyball, but when it comes to basketball, baseball, etc... I'm hopeless. Frisbee? I'm a pro! It's my inner labrador.

6. When I was a little girl, I used to collect big cat figurines. Whenever we went to the zoo or to a place that had one of those uber chintzy gift shops with the rubber siberian tigers and things, I always begged until I got one. I think my Mom has them all collected somewhere, but I thought they were the most beautiful animals when I was younger. I still think they're stunning, but they were so graceful and deadly. It still worries me that I am attracted to such things. Oh well. It hasn't killed me yet.

And I tag everyone. Especially all of my newer friends! I want to get to know you guys through random snippets!

Also, silfactor found another little egg-monster thang? Except it's... ghetto?

Click here to adopt your own little monster!

Sorry dude, I had to tease. Okay. Hungry. Shelby out.

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