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I'm an artiste!

Working at Famous Dave's rocks. The people are fun, the music is good, and it pays well. Plus, they fed me today. Part of our training is that the trainer and trainee get a massive metal garbage-can lid heaping with food, so employees may "better describe and sell the product." I'm not even joking. So. much. food. It was delicious, but I might explode. Basically: I'm really looking forward to this job. I just hope I can get off on Sunday without causing a ruckus, because ... Gospel Choir concert.

Speaking of the GC, if any of y'all live near me and don't show up for this gig, I will kidnap your firstborn, lock him/her in a tall tower, and name him/her Rapunzel regardless of gender. You've been warned.

Other than that, I'm tiiiiiiired. Oh em gee. I've been drinking Pepsi nonstop since 11. Theoretically, I should be wired. Instead, I feel like I'm gonna fall over ded. I'll probably just catch up on the ol' f-list, play some SMB3 or Dragon Warrior, and then sketch some costumes. Meeeeeehhhhhhh. I don't wanna. Especially since I'm supposed to go to Gaygory's party tonight, and I kind of don't wanna? It'd be amusing to see that emo-prude totally smashed, though. Plus, I haven't seen Miah in forevar and Nic wants to go, but I'd really rather just chill already. Especially since I have to whip together a news feature this weekend too. Arg.

Anybody wanna write me a Christian Bale & Cillian Murphy slash fic? Or even just a drabble? I'd love you forever.

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